About Us

Edwin Capital, founded in 2014 by former bankers, was created to provide institutional investors with:

  • Tailor-made and relevant investment advice, products and opportunities drawing on our combined expertise in capital markets, private and investment banking.
  • An investment platform made out of the latest generation of open architecture product offering.

Our way of work

The vitality of financial markets, the increasing complexity of client needs and loss of confidence in investment banks, demand that we go ahead of conventional thinking, develop new and modern offerings and emphasis our independence.
The mix of investment banking and private banking experiences at Edwin Capital allows us to give you a clear and complete view of the financial markets and for us to transform investment limitations into tangible and effective solutions.
We are experienced & qualified for a comprehensive approach to markets and are therefore able to respond quickly to our customer’s investment assignment.
Transparency: We express what is appropriate to the customers we communicate with. We always deliver to our promises, we never believe in making manipulative statement.
Perfection: We work to fully understand our customers to exceed their expectations; improve our strategy and processes on regular basis.
Long Term: We seek long term relations with our customers and entities we associate with. That gives us an opportunity to strengthen our association & build a strong repo with them.
Time: We value our customer’s time by delivering to our commitments.